LAPKT LAPKT stands for the Lightweight Automated Planning ToolKiT. It aims to make your life easier if your purpose is to create, use or extend basic to advanced... Read more »
PROBE Classical planner PROBE is a classical planner that participated to the seventh international planning competition, IPC-2011. Read more »
CLG Contingent planner  A contingent planning problem P, which is a  non-deterministic search problem in belief space, is compiled into a non-deterministic problem X(P) in state space,... Read more »
T1 Conformant planner T1 is a planner for conformant planning problems based on a translation KiS, that is always tractable and complete, but not always sound. However, the translation ... Read more »
T0 Conformant planner T0 is a conformant planner based on a translation to classical planning. T0 won the  5th International Planning Competition - IPC5 as the best conformant planner.... Read more »
Lightweight Automated Planning Toolkit Lightweight Automated Planning Toolkit (github: lwaptk) is the more recent version of the aptk, a framework for writing domain-independent planners which offers... Read more »
Automated Planning Toolkit Automated Planning Toolkit, a framework for writing domain-independent planners which offers clean and clear programming interfaces. The Automated Planning Toolkit... Read more »
C³ Classical planner C³ planner, classical planner for The sixth international planning competition, IPC-2008. Read more »
CLG+ Contingent Planner In order to solve contingent planning problems where the goal is initially not reachable, it is necessary to allow a planner to search for a plan, to introduce... Read more »
LTL goals Classical Planner Infinite Plans for LTL Goals Using a Classical Planner is a work by F. Patrizi, N. Lipovetzky, G. De Giacomo, H. Geffner. Read more »